Speed dating is a fun and different way to meet new people – people you may not have the chance to meet otherwise. Each participant goes on a minimum of 20 mini-dates lasting four minutes long.

Each participant and table are assigned numbers. (E.g. M1, F1 and Table 1). Once the event begins, you are to sit at the table which has your corresponding number. After each date, a signal is sounded and the next date begins. Ladies will remain at their table the whole evening, while the Men rotate in ascending order (If you are at Table 1, you now move to Table 2).

If you find your date amazing or interesting, give him or her a “yes”. If there’s a spark (both giving each other a “yes”), your email addresses will be exchanged.

You will receive all your matches within a couple of business days.


6:45PM - 7:00PM   Participants arrive and sign in.
7:15PM - 7:30PM   Meet your hosts for the evening, and hear a brief explanation of the event.
7:30PM - 8:00PM   Prepare to meet your first group of dates for the evening.
8:00PM - 8:10PM   Intermission: A perfect time to freshen up, mingle and get yourself a drink.
8:10PM - 8:40PM   Prepare to meet your second group of dates for the evening.
8:40PM - 8:50PM   Intermission: A perfect time to freshen up, mingle and get yourself another drink.
8:50PM - 9:20PM   Prepare to meet your third group of dates for the evening.
9:20PM - 9:30PM   Complete your Speeding Dating form and return to the hosts.

Once all the surveys have been collected, you are more than welcome to stay at the venue to continue mingling.

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